Kirtland Community College Rolls Programs that Cater to Local Jobs

Kirtland Community College in Grayling is rolling out new degree programs that will keep talent right in the neighborhood.

They’re expanding their programs in response to available jobs in the area.

Grayling is already an industrial hub and now a multi-million dollar particle board company has moved in too.

Kirtland community college is working directly with Arauco and other companies to design curriculums to prepare students for work down the street.

Kirtland is building a 40,000 square foot addition to hold their wood science and automation programs.

Both degrees are in high demand in Grayling.

Kirtland’s president says they’re preparing talent for work in Grayling.

“We have worked extensively with the people from [Arauco] and asked them what kind of employees do you need what kind of training or education do their employees need, and so they’ve been very instrumental in working with us to develop a curriculum for this new program,” said Dr. Thomas Quinn, Kirtland’s president.

The building will be up and running by April and classes for the degree programs will begin in the fall 2019 semester.