Grant Me Hope: Jayden

Jayden is a little boy who loves to play outside, and from hamsters to horses, he loves all animals.

But what he would love even more is to have a family come take him home.

“I want some pets and a mom and a dad,” he says. “I want an active family. Someone to take me to the YMCA. I like to swim at the YMCA.

This week in Grant Me Hope, we meet an 8 year old that enjoys typical 8-year-old things like sports, video games and macaroni and cheese.

Something special about him—he likes to dress sharp. Bright colors, tennis shoes, this kid likes to look his best.

And Jayden has a big interest in building things.

But what he needs is a family that can build a circle of trust and security around him. And he really just wants to find a happy home.

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between WWTV, Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange and the business community — all working together to find foster children a forever home.

To learn more about Jayden and many other children who are hoping to find their forever family, visit or call 800-589-6273.

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