The Future of Eighth Street in Traverse City

If you have trouble getting your steps in, then your bucket-list destination should be Traverse City. Specifically, Eighth Street that’s located in downtown which is about to receive a major makeover.

“We’re going to build a street that’s first of all going to support healthy living; more active type of transportation, biking and walking!” Russ Soyring, the Traverse City Planning Director stated.

The proposal creates a health district that improves sidewalks, bike lanes, and adds mid blocks to create safer crossing zones for pedestrians. Also, the planning committee has made sure to design narrow roads to help control the speed of cars.

“Our goal is to have speeds of 25 miles per hour not 35 miles per hour,” Soyring said. “If they drive slower there is less likely to be a crash, an injury or even death.”

In addition, medical and exercise facilities will take over the street once it is constructed to show Traverse City that a healthy lifestyle is one worth exploring. 

“It is about that brand, the health and wellness,” Jean Derenzy, CEO of Traverse City Downtown stated, “that’s the type of business we’re trying to get to benefit the overall community.”

Branding the community as a “future healthy lifestyle hub” will draw attention to Eighth Street nationally.

The Community Regional Foundation is also assisting with marketing Eighth Street as a national health district.

The project is estimated to cost about 4.5 million and will break ground after the national cherry festival in July.

For more Information on this project feel free to contact the Planning Commission in Traverse City. Also, a website will be available soon to follow all of the latest updates from the Planning Commission in Traverse City.