Coast Guard Men and Women Continue to Work, Volunteer at Local Schools

On Tuesday, members of the U.S. Coast Guard missed their first paycheck since the shutdown began.

Coast Guard Admiral Karl Schultz says it’s the first time in history that members of the U.S. Armed Forces were not paid due to a lapse in appropriations.

Thought it hasn’t stopped them from doing their job or even volunteering.

“We got our snowshoes on and we went out on a trail out past our school and we met the coast guard out there for a bonfire and some hot chocolate” Cheboygan Middle School Student Amelia Johnson, said.

“It was a very fun experience, I enjoyed seeing the coast guard out here.”  Classmate Ava Brandau, said.

For Cheboygan Middle Schoolers, Tuesday was a day on the trail, a day to explore and a day to learn about those who serve right next door.

“As a young guy I just wanted to get out there and help in my community and join an organization that I could really dig my teeth into and just get in there to help people,” said an officer to the students.

It’s not just on the water but in schools like Cheboygan, where coast guard men and women take time to help with kids.

On Tuesday they shared stories over hot chocolate.

“Our other classmates asked them about where was there favorite place to be stationed around here and we asked them about the boats and the cutters they have.” Johnson, explained.

“Some people have to like leave their families and they have to get stationed different places.” Ava Brandau, said.

And the men and women who serve in Northern Michigan continue to go the extra mile.

“Yea I watch the news sometimes, it’s been shut down for a while and they don’t get paid do they, while the government is shut down?” asked Johnson.

They don’t.

Though the men and women of the coast guard continue to do their job and continue to volunteer.

“That’s pretty nice that they do that,” added Libby Van Fleet