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Cadillac Area YMCA: Teen Center Keeping Kids on Track

Promo Image: Cadillac Area YMCA: Teen Center Keeping Kids on Track

The Cadillac area YMCA is offering an after-school program that is keeping kids on track for successful futures.

Dan Smith, the YMCA Cadillac area Director says, “we know a kid that does a program 3 or more days a week in a program, is 3 times less likely to do drugs and more likely to graduate and less likely to skip school.”

Keeping kids that aren’t involved in school sanctioned activities out of trouble. Giving them the opportunity to create friendships, do homework, receive a free meal and stay active both mentally an physically.

“Kids just sometimes need kind of a figure in their lives to help them maneuver through things in life that they don’t know how to and they don’t have some of those people in their lives to help them through it” says Teen Coordinator Jeremiah Shipton.

Students like Haley Butkovich are seeing the benefits of this program and making an effort to come several times throughout the week. “I honestly think more people should come here. It will change your life. The YMCA has made such an impact on my life – let alone people that do need more. Not only has it helped me educationally but it helped me socially and helped me widen my horizons and get another family.”

This program receives funding from partners in the community like transmission company ITC to be able to provide young adults these services.

to learn more about ITC’s charitable giving program.

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