Manhunt Continues for Suspects in Deadly Houghton Lake Shooting

“This is a senseless act of violence that claimed the life of a young man,” said Roscommon County Sheriff Ed Stern.

One person is dead and three others are on the run as police continue a manhunt in Roscommon County.

Police say three masked men with guns went to a home.

They say at least one of the men shot a 29-year-old man in the home.

He died at the hospital. 

The shooting happened at the corner of McKinley and M-55 in Houghton Lake Sunday night.

Police are still looking for the three armed men, saying they had their faces covered and carried long guns into the house.

While the trio are believed to be armed and dangerous, the sheriff says he thinks this was a targeted attack and the community should just stay alert.

“We have no further information that the offenders are targeting any individuals and we believe that this motive was for one specific reason. We encourage all the citizens to be vigilant and to watch their surroundings; however, we have no reason to believe, at this time, that the offenders are randomly targeting citizens of the community,” said Sheriff Stern.

If you know anything about this shooting and can help bring an end to the search, you are asked to call the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office or Michigan State Police.

The manhunt closed Houghton Lake Schools and put several other area districts on soft lockdowns.

Police are not sure where or how far these three men went.

We spoke to many neighbors around the small neighborhood right off the main road and nobody saw or heard anything until the police arrived, a lot of them.

“It was about 1 o’clock and my husband saw a bunch of flashlights going on and we looked out the windows and saw a bunch of police with canines an assault rifle is going around, they were just everywhere,” said Shannon Carll, who lives near where the shooting took place.

Carll knew something was up when she saw the police. When she saw how many, she knew it was serious.

“With the force that was out and as hard as they were looking for whoever, they usually don’t usually just bring their guns out for any simple robbery,” explained Carll.

As they warned her to stay inside and lock her doors, she began hearing a man was shot just a block over.

“The shooting is surprising, yes. The reasoning, probably not,” said Carll.

Not many in the area knew the people who lived in the house, though there had been trouble there before.

But they didn’t expect anything to escalate to this.

“It is scary and it is unnerving the simple fact is they are still out there and we don’t know where they are. I mean, they could be in our backyard and we don’t know, it’s just that simple. It’s scary,” explained Carll.

Carll isn’t worried she will be targeted, but nobody wants bullets flying near their home.

“When there are shootings, you don’t know where the bullets are going to go or where it’s going to hit, so it’s scary,” said Carll.

With the track being lost, not too far away, this case will likely be solved with the help from the public.

Sheriff Stern says somebody knows something and can help them put an end to the worry in this neighborhood.