Snowmobilers Revved Their Engines in Honor of a Friend Who Died

Snowmobilers revved their engines for a day of drag racing in Empire.

This is all in honor of Roy Taghon.

He was a friend to many and died in a snowmobile accident.

This was all part of the 4th Annual Empire Snowmobile Drag Race.

It takes place each year at Empire Airport.

The event started at 8 .m. on Saturday and ended when the awards were handed out at night 12 hours later.

Young and old, there was a race for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to hop on and race.

Many people just came out for the fun of watching.

About 400 spectators showed up last year and organizers say it’s around the same amount this year.

“Roy was one of my mentors growing up, and I decided to start a drag race in the memory of Roy. Roy was a really big snowmobile drag racer, taught me a lot at a very young age and I wanted something to memorialize him,” said Soni Aylsworth, the director of Empire Snowmobile Drag Race.