President Trump Considers Declaring National Emergency to Fund Wall

Nearly 800,000 federal employees are missing out on their first paycheck Friday since the government shutdown 21 days ago.

This shutdown is now tied for the longest in our nation’s history.

Late Thursday night the Senate voted to provide back pay for federal workers.

The House is expected to vote on that measure Friday.

Earlier in the day, the president visited a border station in Texas to push his case for a border wall.

He says miles of open border allow drug and human traffickers to freely enter the United States.

With the standoff between the White House and Democratic leaders only intensifying, the president says he’s considering declaring a national emergency to fund a wall.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Republicans for rejecting Democratic funding bills that could open the government.

If the shutdown continues, the U.S. Coast Guard will also miss their first paycheck on the 15th.