Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office & MSP Track Down Suspects in Brutal Cedar Home Invasion

The Leelanau County Sheriff says they believe two people broke into a home in Cedar, tried to steal cash and other valuables and stabbed or hit three people living there.

As of Friday night, they’re awaiting charges.

The sheriff says both of the people arrested and charged in this case have criminal histories that include drugs and retail fraud.

He says the suspects went into the home, demanding cash and other valuables.

“There were other individuals in the home at the time, a 78 year old, a 55 year old, and a 56 year old in the home, between them, they were either stabbed or hit with a blunt object,” explained Borkovich.

The sheriff says they then took off in a yellow SUV.

An off duty Wexford County Detective spotted it near Mesick.

That’s when Michigan State Police stopped it, and couldn’t get the suspects to come out.

From there they led troopers on a chase that ended like this, with troopers using what’s called a pit maneuver.

“That’s not something we use on every kind of case, but you take into consideration what kind of changes you’re looking at and the troopers knew that this was an attempted murder, the people knew who we were and they weren’t stopping,” said F/Lt. Frank Keck.

Two MSP patrol cars were also hit during the chase and that likely means more charges are on the way.

“They had stopped once and fled from the scene, like I said, we take all of that kind of into our figuring when we decide to pit a car,” said Keck.

Neither of the troopers who had their cars hit were hurt.

As for those injured in the break in, their conditions are unclear at the moment.