Chippewa County Crash Kills Pedestrian

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office says one person died after getting hit by a car while walking on I-75 Thursday.

The sheriff’s office says the crash happened on I-75, north of Gaines Highway.

They say a car left the road and hit a reflector pole, leaving it stuck in the snow.

Deputies say two passengers got out of the car and starting walking on I-75.

A pickup truck hit both of them, killing one of them.

The second person is expected to survive.

Police arrested the driver of the car OWI, having open alcohol in the car, and having an unregistered car.

Deputies say the driver also assaulted a corrections officer while at the jail.

Police arrested a passenger in the car, also for having open alcohol in the car.

The sheriff’s office says the driver of the pickup truck had not been drinking and has not been arrested.