A Competition with Benefits

The Homebuilders Association Workforce Development Committee created a unique competition between Career Tech Center and Northwestern Michigan College.

The building competition brings awareness to the skilled trades being a viable career choice. Also, benefitting students social skills and teaching them ways to work together.

“It’s really encouraging us to work hard and the best, and give all we got really,”  Richard Frisbee, Senior at Career Tech Center. “So, I mean we’re putting in our time and our effort in to these sheds here trying to win.”

The students are constructing a 12 by 8 building focusing on a specific theme. Then, they will brainstorm together and bring their ideas to the surface.

The funds are sponsored by HBA Suppliers; Northern Building Supply, Kingsley Lumber, Preston Feather and Builders FirstSource.

Besides the positive atmosphere, scholarships are being offered!

“The raffle to my understanding is that the money and proceeds are going towards a scholarship fund for the Homeowners Association,” said Thomas Sensabaugh, Instructor at the Career Tech Center. “It’s an opportunity for them to bring together the students, bring together the programs.”

Each year, the Homebuilders Association Workforce Development Committee offers a variety of scholarships in construction technology to help students thrive.

The raffle tickets are on sale with proceeds going toward future scholarships!

For more information visit the Homebuilders Association Workforce Development Committee website.