Flip Tips: How to Achieve Rustic, Chic Home Decor

Lots of people love rustic home decor, and it may be easier to pull off than you think.

Designer Shane Inman, of The Inman Company, can help you make your home look great without breaking the bank or creating too much of a hassle.

He says a great place to visit is Woodland Creek Modern in Traverse City, especially if you are looking for the rustic weathered wood and distressed paint look that’s on trend in Northern Michigan.

“One thing about Woodcreek Modern is it is not just modern,” Inman says. “This vignette right here is spectacularly done inside the show room.  It is refereed to as a shabby chic, very rustic, what we call the weathered wood (look). And a very distressed painted and very popular for up north.”

Or if purchasing in-style items at retail price is not your thing, Inman says the great thing about this trend is you can replicate it at home for cheap.

“People would find things at goodwill and Salvation Army and bring it home and spruce it up,” says Inman

To learn more rustic interior trends, watch the video above, visit Woodland Creek Modern in person in Traverse City, or contact Shane Inman at theinmancompany.com.

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