The Safety Behind Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a pastime for many in Northern Michigan.

Although the thrilling sport is enjoyable, a lot of residents should remember the safety precautions that come with it.

With the rain and warmer temperatures we have been seeing, the ice can be a dangerous read.

“Never if you go out a body of water even if there are people fishing if there are no tracks and trails and footprints,” says fisherman Bob Gwizdz.

There are many misconceptions about safety, especially on the ice. The best way to be prepared is with proper clothing and equipment.

“You have to dress in layers. You can’t have any fun at all if you don’t have the appropriate clothing.”

Mark Martin is a professional fisherman and he warns fellow fisherman to be prepared if the fall in does happen.

“If someone were to fall in I would open up the bag right here and I would pull out the rope,” he says.

Many local bait shops measure the ice and say around 7-8 inches is OK but still to be aware of the dangers.

Making sure, that even if it’s your first time on the ice, you know what do.

This will help make this winter in Northern Michigan a successful and safe one to remember.

“Don’t be Christopher Columbus and head out there and be the biggest explorer on the ice.”