Surfs Up this Winter in Northern Michigan

When you think of winter sports you probably think of skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Larry Bordine thinks of surfing and you can find him in Frankfort catching some gnarly waves during Northern Michigan’s winter months.

“Typically the water is colder in the winter so it’s dense so we get a smoother wave. Plus the wind and air is colder so it reacts with the water so that helps kick the waves up and push the currents too,” says Bordine.

These waves in the Great Lakes are anything but small.

Bordine says, “they’ve been recorded at 30 foot just out past the light house. That’s on a big wind day. Typically here in Frankfort, once a week we get head-high waves and a couple times a month we’ll get double over-head.”

Bordine grew up in southern California so surfing came naturally to him. He could not stand to give up this passion of his when he needed to move to the Great Lakes state.

“I moved back here in ’83 and that was just one of the things I didn’t want to give up on. I knew the lakes were here and so here I am,” says Bordine.

When Bordine is surfing he has time to reflect – comparing life to the time he spends out in the water on his board.

“It’s like life summed up into one ride. Everything in life can be found on a surfboard. It can be hard to get out to where you need to be, being in the right place at the right time, you work really hard to catch a wave and you sometimes don’t, you catch it and it wipes you out and sometimes you just get the best ride ever. You ride it until it’s over then you paddle out and catch another one.”

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