Record Breaking Day to Open 100th Michigan State Legislature

The fruits of the state elections this Fall have come to bear as the new State Legislature was sworn in Wednesday in Lansing and kicked off another session.

Things are a changing in Lansing, with the strike of his gavel, Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist officially became the first African-American to lead the State Senate. At almost the same time across the building, Levering’s Lee Chatfield became the Speaker of the House, the youngest ever at 30 years old.

Chatfield and Gilchrist will oversee dozens of new lawmakers, including Lake Ann’s Jack O’Malley, representing the 101st District.

“The first couple of weeks have been moving in, getting the office set up and that sort of thing, the nuts and bolts,” says O’Malley, “Today, of course, is more ceremonial than anything.”

Wednesday was the first official day of business but O’Malley sees the work already being put in.

“So far from what I’ve seen, there’s a lot of discussion about issues and topics,” says O’Malley, “You know, I think one thing I think that’s important to stress is this isn’t DC this is Lansing.”

It was a repeated sentiment Wednesday, Michigan will not be a stalemate like the feds. Compromise will lead the 100th Legislature.

“I want to make sure when I go back to district people understand that Republicans and Democrats in Lansing actually can work together,” says O’Malley, “We have our disagreements but we can work together.”

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