Popular K-9 Ambassador Fisher Invites Other ‘Goldens’ to Join His Club

Instead of owners bringing their dogs along—this is almost the other way around.

A group of local golden retrievers have their own club, and they are inviting other “goldens” to join in.

The Northwest Michigan Golden Retriever Club is kind enough to bring along its owners to various dog-friendly social events, hikes, and other gatherings to celebrate the breed.

Founder Jeff Rabidoux and his dog Fisher say it’s an opportunity to get out of the house and steal some time for exercise for both the canines and the humans.

Plus they all have a lot of fun!

“This club is all about people who love golden retrievers getting together to socialize as well as get some exercise for both the humans and the dogs,” he says. “I’ve always said if you take a golden retriever to a dog park, the first thing he’ll do is go visit all the humans without a care of the other dogs.”

Fisher is growing in popularity since he was recently named the K-9 Ambassador for Crystal Mountain. Youc an follow him on Instagram @resortk9.

To learn more about the Northwest Michigan Golden Retriever Club, head to their Facebook page here.

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