Sault Ste. Marie Clearing Up a Foot of Snow After Monday’s Storm

Sault Ste. Marie was pummeled with snow during Monday’s storm, some spots saw around 14 inches in total.

That meant drivers dealt with sloppy conditions and some students even got a break from class.

Drivers in the Soo are relieved Monday’s storm has passed, though remnants of slush and ice remain on side roads across the area.

“We were taxing our resources yesterday, completely,” Chippewa County Undersheriff Greg Postma, said.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office spent Monday getting drivers out of jams.

So much so they asked people to stay off the roads.

“There were times yesterday where we had zero visibility and just the type of the snow we had it made a travel little more difficult than what you have with a typical lake effect snow,” Postma explained.

“Overall it was busy, but we had no injuries, so that worked out well for us,” Postma added.

Mounds of snow blanketed the campus of Lake Superior State University where students got a very rare snow day.

“It was nuts here, there was just snow everywhere, walking to and from places was tough and we got an email at 2:00 [p.m.] saying classes were cancelled for the rest of the day,” LSSU senior Tad Schmeling said.

“We usually don’t cancel school for snow, maybe if it’s really, really cold, like way below zero but we didn’t expect to get two snow days let alone on our first day of school,” LSSU sophomore Bobby Carpenter said.

But Tad Schmeling and Bobby Carpenter got creative with the excess snow and made a ski and snowboard jump at the bottom of a hill on campus.

“We are still trying to settle in so this is good to just ease our way back into it.” Schmeling explained.

“It’s a great day at Lake State,” Carpenter added.