Rapid City Man Attacked, Robbed at Gunpoint

The snow and slush led Kalkaska County deputies to a pair of suspects they believe committed an armed robbery.

It happened this morning after a Rapid City man called 911 saying he was held at gunpoint, assaulted and had cash and firearms stolen from him.

The Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan State Police say they followed footprints from the victim’s home to another home about a mile away.

Evidence and stolen property found there, led to deputies to arrest two men they believed were involved.

The victim went to the hospital for his injuries but has since been released.

“This morning it was about a mile long track that the deputies followed to another residence and all’s I can say is in the heat of the moment, the suspects didn’t think about leaving footprints as they fled the residence and that was a great asset to us,” said Sheriff Pat Whiteford.

They arrested another woman at the home for unrelated outstanding warrants.

The two suspected armed robbers have not been charged yet.