Producer Chat: Kitten Rescue, Backpack Penguin & 336 Months Old

Who doesn’t want to hear cute and funny stories about kittens, penguins and a satirical photo-shoot that’s gaining huge attention?

For today’s Producer chat with the four’s Executive Producer Jamie Thompson, a Kansas City police cop stepped in to save a life and ended up with a new four-legged family member.

Officer Rescues Kitten | North Kansas City, Montana

Officer Jason Smith noticed a tiny kitten on a busy roadway’s barrier wall and immediately pulled over to save it.

Once inside the squad car, the curious cat went exploring and accidentally set off the siren before settling in the officer’s lap.

While police don’t know exactly how the kitten ended up on that barrier, this story has a happy ending.

After the kitten received treatment and waited out its hold at an area animal shelter, she was adopted by Smith’s family.

Her name is now Bella, and I’m sure she’s getting lots of love in her new home.

Watch the video above to see the cuteness in action!

Penguin in a Backpack | Harbin City, China

Another cute animal alert.

This time, a penguin looks pretty proud with his red backpack, slipping his way down an ice slide in negative 15 degree temperatures.

He and a bunch of penguin friends walked around and slid down slides as a form of training at their home at a place called Harbin Polarland.

Try to remember how happy he looks the next time you’re feeling temps this cold!

Watch the video above to see him move his happy feet!

336 Months Old | Southern Stitched Photography

Stephanie Smith, of Southern Stitched Photography, posted pictures of her best friend Nicole Ham celebrating her 28th birthday.

“Because your best friend only turns 336 months once,” she says.

The photos show Nicole with a bow in her hair, swaddled and laying across a backdrop with vines and flowers.

The photos say “I’m 336 months old today.’

‘Loves: Champagne. Hates: Dating in 2018.”

And “Go Tigers” as a shout out to Clemson.

Gotta poke a little fun at all that social media perfection many photos try to pull off.

Check out all the photos in the video above!

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