Missing Dog Rescued by Coast Guard near Lime Island

A reunion like non-other, the crew aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw based in Cheboygan reunited a Canadian family with their missing dog.

The crew brought Logan back to his owners last night but the story of how the coasties found and saved the dog is like something out of a movie.

“We were out breaking ice, keeping the waterways open for commerce up in the St. Marys River.

It was a typical winter day for the crew aboard the Coast Guard Mackinaw when they pulled up to Lime Island and made an interesting discovery.

“As we were pulling in we saw a dog come out towards us on the ice. We saw the dog fall back into the water than scramble up and run back on to the island,” USCGC Mackinaw Executive Officer Jayna McCarron said.

LCDR Jayna McCarron says they then went on the island to try and find the dog.

“We went out and took it upon ourselves to go out and create a search party for the dog,” McCarron, explained.

But the scared and freezing pup kept hidden.

“We came back and just left some food out for him hoping that he’d maybe come to us and unfortunately he didn’t,’ McCarron, added.

They took off to continue their ice breaking the next morning.

But by chance, fate or both, the ship circled back around to Lime Island that evening.

The crew was shocked to see who greeted them when they arrived.

“We saw the dog sitting right by the pier and we were so excited because we all thought the worse. He was very malnourished you could see all his ribs and hip bones sticking out, but the best news was he had a collar with good contact information so we were able to call their owners,” McCarron, said.

That’s when Kailaan Walker’s phone rang.

“I answered the phone and it was from a Michigan number and I was really confused and I was thinking I don’t really know that many folks in Michigan and sure enough I answered and it was one of the members of the USCG calling and saying did you guys lose a dog? And my heart just stopped,” Walker, said.

His dog Logan went missing from St. Joseph’s island in Canada on Christmas Eve.

“I was just starting to make peace with the fact that we had a lost a big member of our family and amazing dog and companion,” Walker, added.

Logan’s adventure took him cross country, miles across thin ice to the small Michigan Island, where he was found.

The Coast Guard reunited dog and family Friday night in Cheboygan.

“It really seems like a miracle, that it worked out and they were there and all the folks on the boat were so compassionate and willing to dig in and find him,” Walker, said.

The family is on their way back to Ontario and Logan is slowly gaining his weight back with a smile on his face.