Woman Dies After Falling Through Ice While Snowmobiling in Alpena County

A woman died after falling through the ice of a lake in Alpena County, and several others fell in trying to rescue her.

State police say it happened around 10:30 Friday morning on Long Lake.

Lynne Bever of Linwood fell through on her snowmobile.

First responders found her 200 yards offshore.

Her boyfriend was trying to reach her.

They say while crews were trying to get to her, Bever’s boyfriend, his snowmobile and two first responders also fell through the ice.

Crews rescued the boyfriend, but when they got to Bever they could not get her out of the water.

Responders tried to keep her alive in the water.

When an airboat got her out, rescuers found she had gone into cardiac arrest.

Bever was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The Alpena medical examiner says the cause of death is drowning.