Traverse City Moviemaker Crowdfunds for Sequel ‘Frozen Stupid2: Open Water’

Celebrating optimism, relationships and fishing.

More than a decade ago, local moviemaker Rich Brauer made the comedy film “Frozen Stupid,” an unfortunate day of ice fishing on Houghton Lake for Joey Albright, played by Tony Norgard.

Now he may be returning to the big screen soon for a sequel—and you could take part.

“Frozen Stupid” ends with Joey Albright (Tony Norgard)’s car submerged in Houghton Lake.

Brauer’s plan for the sequel, “Frozen Stupid2: Open Water,” is to pick up when the ice is gone and the DNR fines Joey Albright for leaving his truck in the water so long.

This movie continues to celebrate fishing, a favorite winter pastime in Northern Michigan.

But this time, Joey Albright has to win a fishing tournament for the hefty prize money and finish in time to celebrate a wedding anniversary dinner with his wife.

The kicker for this movie—is its Kickstarter campaign online.

This is a chance for the community to take part and help the film reach it’s goal of raising $175,000. And Brauer Productions is offering perks to donors through “giving levels” that even offer a chance to be in the movie.

“This is different for me, we have always raised money through investments,” Brauer says. “I have got a lot of colleagues saying just do a Kickstarter on this thing and let everyone credit and support it and get a bunch of free stuff, and even get a chance to be in the movie.”

The Kickstarter project is “all or nothing,” so it needs to reach its goal of $175,000 by Feb. 4 at 8:30 p.m. to receive the funding. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will be filmed in May 2019.

You can help and learn more information by visiting the Kickstarter campaign web link here.

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