Hometown Tourist: ClaySpace TC

Looking for something fun to do that teaches you something new?

Roll up your sleeves, because ClaySpace TC in Traverse City is where you can learn the art of ceramics from hand-building to throwing on a wheel.

ClaySpace TC, owned by Clay Maas and Phil Wilson is not just a clay space but a community space. Phil says he became a potter accidentally.

“I had been teaching K-12 art and one summer decided to learn to throw really as a skill to bring to the classroom,” said Wilson.

And one day, Phil and Clay met, and now they’ve created not just great pottery but a community space to teach others.

“There’s no assignments, it’s just come in, if you have an idea or something you want to work with, you can make and Phil and I are here to facilitate your education,” said Maas.

From hand building, to throwing on the wheel, and at whatever age, they’ll teach you at any skill level, the expression is yours to choose and fire up in the kiln.

“And their first time down and you give them the one, two, three on how to do it and they pick it up naturally and they’re just like, ‘wow’ that’s the kind of feelings that you like to get besides actually loving making it myself,” said Maas.

They say in a world where so many things are mass produced, the personal experience of something that’s handmade, is what it’s all about.

“It’s really such a personal thing because it’s literally in your hands, fashioning a thing from a formless piece of clay to an actual recognizable object,” said Maas.

It’s simply about ceramics, and community.

Oh, and maybe getting your hands a little dirty.

“ClaySpace TC is really about the fun and the joy of being in a space with other people doing the same thing and just enjoying the experience and the growth of making pottery,” said Maas.

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