Gov. Whitmer Signs Directive to Help Small, Disadvantaged Businesses

The governor is taking steps to help small business in economically disadvantaged areas.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a directive Friday that will expand opportunities for companies in places with stagnant economic growth.

Under the directive, the state will make more purchases from business in “opportunity zones”.

In Northern Michigan those zones include parts of Traverse City, Mancelona, Fife Lake, South Boardman and more.

An outdoor supplier in Fife Lake says the directive is well intentioned, but also wishes there was more state support for starting a business in small towns.

“Just helping someone start a business would be enough maybe not even buying something from them but helping them along because that was our main struggle too,” says Midway Outdoor supplier, Kyle Williams.

Learn more about Governor Whitmer’s directive and see a map of all the places affected.