Emmet County Sheriff Named President of Michigan Sheriff’s Association

“It’s quite an honor to represent the other 82 sheriffs in Michigan.”

An Emmet County sheriff is stepping into a new role this year, as president of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association.

The MSA elected sheriff Pete Wallin as their new president for 2019.

As president, he will be responsible for representing Michigan sheriffs at various meetings throughout the state and country.

Sheriff Wallin is the third sheriff from Emmet County to serve as president.

He has served on the MSA board for several years.

He says the new appointment is an honor, but his first responsibility will always be the people of Emmet County.

“We’ll deal with a lot of things within the state and nationally that affect sheriffs. And we’ll work a lot with the legislatures, with laws that affect my law enforcement operation and the jail. It’s an honor to represent the Michigan Sheriffs association, but my ultimate responsibility is with the citizens of Emmet County,” Wallin said.

Sheriff Wallin has been with Emmet County in one capacity or another for more than 37 years.