Bedtime Math App Helps Kids + Parents – Math Anxiety

It turns out math anxiety is a real thing that you can pass on to your kids.

The University of Chicago did a study in 2015 that found parents who are math anxious have kids who tend to struggle in math class.

The key is when parents say things like “I hate math,” or “I’m terrible at math, always have been,” kids pick up on it and it can affect their success.

A brand new study by someone named Sian Beilock found simple attitude changes can help, and so can an app.

The research team took some “high anxiety math parents” and had them read their kids math-related bedtimes stories nightly through an app called Bedtime Math.

They’re short, cute, funny stories, and afterwards parents and kids had to answer a few simple math questions tied to them.

A year after the experiment started, researchers found that reading these stories helped parents feel more confident in their kids’ math interests and abilities.

A great bonding experience—and it helps you both!

You can find a link to the Bedtime Math site here.

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