Local Travel Guru Forging Global Connections

Travel with Friends Pays Dividends

Exploring the world might seem like an awful lot of work, or even a younger person’s game.

And yet Sue Barenholtz believes with a few friends and a plan, travel might come to redefine the latter decades of your life.

The founder of Boomer Women Travel splits her downtime as a world traveler between Northern Michigan and parts farther south and explains the benefits of heading out with a few newly-formed friendships to far flung places around the globe, including added safety!

All these women have to do is decide they want to make the trip and they are given the opportunity to make lifelong friends and travel the world.

“So I do everything,” Barenholtz says. “Someone basically just has to say I want to go and basically, give me your money, I’ll do everything.”

There are already several trips already planned for 2019 to Costa Rica, Alaska and Italy.

Barenholtz loves the idea of getting women together and making memories with them.

“Stuff like this is just so much more fun with other people,” she says.

If you are looking to see the world with a great new group of gal friends, you can visit wildboomerwomen.com for more information


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