Hook & Hunting: Late Antlerless Firearm Hunting in Alpena County

A certain place in Northern Michigan is allowing hunters to get back in the woods for a short time.

There is a late antlerless firearm hunt on private land in southern Alpena County.

It runs from Thursday until Sunday and then again from January 10 to the 13.

The DNR is offering the season to reduce the number of deer interacting with farms, and help limit the number of wildlife and cattle herds infected with bovine tuberculosis.

“Bovine TB for the cattle industry is a big deal, because deer and cattle can pass this disease. We want to ensure that deer that are possibly at risk for the cattle that we’re keeping them a separate as we can. So reducing the deer where the cattle are at risk is our goal,” says wildlife communications coordinator Katie Keen.

If you want to join the hunt but don’t own property there, you can use the DNR’s hunting access program to scope out opportunities.



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