Federal Shutdown Hinders Clare County Prosecutor’s Office

The effects of the federal government shutdown are starting to pop up in unforeseen instances across the area.

Usually the federal government does not impact the Clare County Prosecutors Office but the shutdown this time has now slowed them down.

A new attorney in Michelle Ambrozaitis’ office had a laptop computer ordered from a Canadian company, a crucial piece of equipment for a lawyer.

Since the shutdown, the computer is now stuck in customs and there is nobody working at the customs office to answer questions or to approve the package.

So as long as the shutdown continues, the Prosecutor will be short handed as she handles her case load.

“She needs it to do research, to get into her case tracking system, basically to do her job,” says Ambrozaitis, “That’s everything‘s on that computer. We found another computer that has been retired for a while, we got it out dusted it off and we’re trying to get it up and running for her.”

Ambrozaitis says this is the first time a federal shutdown has hit her county office.