Otsego County Residents Welcome Snowy Start to 2019

Parts of Otsego County saw some of the heaviest snow from Monday night’s storm.

People there started their new year by waking up and shoveling close to a foot of it.

Though there were many who welcomed the snowy start to 2019.

“It was coming down light and it started getting heavier and heavier and it was just bam all the sudden it was a couple inches,” Joe Stiver, said.

Many people in Otsego County started their day the same way Joe Stiver started his following last night’s storm.

“You got to take care of the snow in the driveway, so I help [my mother-in-law] out, they got a big mess,” Stiver, said.

“It’s an inviting thing for me because its keeps me something to do outside,” he added.

Joe says the roads Tuesday morning didn’t give him much trouble

“When I headed out around 7:45 this morning the roads were pretty much plowed,” Joe, added.

But one thing drivers surely noticed on the sides of some roads Tuesday were the snowmobilers.

“Really just getting out and getting some miles on the sleds, we haven’t really been able to ride anything in this area up until today so being able to get out and have some fun on the sleds is pretty much our main goal for the New Year,” Ken Teichman, said.

Ken was joined by his friend Riley who came up from downstate to take advantage of the now covered trails.

“He called last night and said it was dumping snow and this morning i drove up here,” Riley Peickert, said.

Both say there’s no better way to start their new year.

“2019, having ten inches of fresh snow, being able to ride the sleds, i mean what else can you ask for,” Teichman, added.