Traverse City Plow Trucks Get Technology Upgrades

Snow plows are already out on roads across Northern Michigan, trying their best to get ahead of the messy system coming on New Year’s Eve.

The trucks clearing the streets of Traverse City are now better equipped to deal with the incoming storm thanks to new technology upgrades.

“It’s all kind of cutting edge and it grows on some of things we’ve learned over the years,” said Frank Dituri, director of Department of Public Services.

All of the city’s trucks have a built in computer system that sends information back to their office in real time.

“It will show where those snow plows have been, whether their plows are up or down, whether their sanding, salting and all the pertinent information that they need to know to make sure that we’re covering the streets properly,” said Christine Black, asset management and GIS analyst.

“The driver used to have to actually log it down with pencil and paper,” said Mark Jones, Department of Public Services street superintendent. “It helps keep his eyes on the road and it makes our numbers more accurate.”

The technology in the trucks is able to track every grain of salt and sand put down by the trucks not only making it the roads the safest they can be but in the most cost effective way.

“One big thing is accuracy,” said Joel Tapio, vehicle equipment technician. “As far as how much material you’re putting down, where we’re putting it, putting exactly how much we need to get the job done but not so much that it’s excessive.”

The system also tracks the speed of each truck and the streets it’s covered.

“It’s just making things more efficient budget wise,” said Black. “It’s really good so it helps both monetary and making sure our roads are safe.”