Ludington Prepares For Their Own New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Traverse City isn’t the only hot spot for a ball drop Tuesday night, Ludington also is heading in to their 10th annual Ball Drop, bringing thousands of people in at a normally sleepy time.

“This is kind of one of those great winter nights,” says Brandy Miller, executive director of the Ludington Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Music, food and drinks will entertain until the stroke of midnight when a ball will drop and ring in the new year with thousands of partygoers lining the streets.

“For a small town like Ludington, right on the lake shore, typically people are here for the summer season,” says Miller, “So this is just an excuse for people to come to town to see what we have to offer.”

For the small resort towns, it’s easy to get people to come in the summer when the weather is nice but in the middle of winter they need things like ball drops to get people to show up and boost the local economy.

“It’s a lot of people you see, a lot of faces that you don’t get to see,” says Kelly Savic, bar manager at Barley and Rye, “A ton of people are home from college so you get to see that customer base that you don’t see year round.”

Those people usually stay away because of the weather but with a few inches predicted for Tuesday night, they think that can actually help.

“The more severe the weather is the more people come inside to get out of the elements,” says Savich.

“I think snow is great,” says Miller, “It adds to the atmosphere and I think just kind of adds to the whole element of being outside in the winter.”

This is all just another piece to the year round rejuvenation of the harbor town.

“Ludington has come so far,” says Savich, “I think everything they do is fantastic”