New Laws Impact Ballot Proposals, Michigan Schools and Agency Regulations

Outgoing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a flurry of bills during his last week in office.

We’re highlighting some of the more notable legislation he approved.

House Bill 6595 limits the number of signatures on a ballot proposal that could come from one area.

That means new ballot proposals are not allowed to have more than 15% of signatures from any one congressional district.

House Bill 5526 creates a letter grading system for Michigan schools.

Schools will be assigned grades “A” through “F” in different areas from math skills to graduation rates.

This is Michigan’s third performance grading system since 2012.

House Bill 4205 prohibits state agency rules from being more restrictive than federal regulation except in special circumstances.

It’s a revised version of a previously vetoed bill.

In theory, it doesn’t limit PFAS cleanup efforts or lead drinking water regulations.