Hometown Tourist: The Katydid Store in Petoskey

The Katydid in Petoskey is a store that celebrates the pride of living in Northern Michigan.

Owned by the same third generation owner of the store right next door, Grandpa Shorter’s.

The shop is a newer venture of a well-loved cornerstone in Petoskey.

“It’s treasured finds from near and far that celebrate the love of Northern Michigan.”

Meet Jennifer Shorter, she and her family have been in the retail biz for many years, and now they have Katydid to pass it on.

The Katydid is actually named after my daughter her name is Kaitlin and when she was little it was like, ‘come on get out of bed Katybug,’ so that was her nickname Katybug,” Shorter explained.

Jennifer said it all just started as an idea when they were approached about the space by her landlord.

“We were approached by the landlord for this space about 18 months ago and it as going to be available and wanted to know if we were interested. We had a team meeting. We actually have what we call tribe meetings where we get together with our employees and we toss out an idea,” Shorter said.

That tossed out idea turned into a cherished spot in Petoskey, Katydid, a place that warmly welcomes you with this giant led tree, and lots of beautiful finds that will keep you perusing for a long time.

Katydid is full of pride for Northern Michigan and artists from this great state and the region, all with a unique story.

“My mom and I started to look for a product for the store. We met this mother and son duo from Detroit and grandfather that collected something like 26,000 license plates and they were coming up with something to do with them

Pieces from afar, and just across the bay.

Always growing and finding new artists.

“This is Elly Ooms’ paintings. She does this drip work and shakes the canvas around and out comes these fabulous beach scenes. She’s local; she’s an insurance agent by day and artist by night we love her work,” Shorter said.

It’s a place with cherished items that just plain old celebrate this beautiful state, and sharing it with others.

“It’s just the whole gamut that to me is important that everyone can come in and feel welcome,” she said.

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