Grand Traverse County’s Costly Winter Season Puts Road Commission Over Budget

In Grand Traverse County, the warm-up this week and the mild November and December are helping to offset a costly end to the last winter season.

The road commission says they could be looking at ending the year $300,000 to $400,000 over budget.

They say that’s in large part to about 30 inches of snow that fell back in April.

Grand Traverse Co. Road Commission Manager Jim Cook says the road commission also used a lot of road salt to combat the freeze-and-thaw cycle.

“In April of every year, we re-balance our budget so it’s not like we’re going to run out of money,” he says. “But if we spend more money on winter maintenance and it’s severe, what happens on the bad side of things is we have to adjust our project list.”

Cook says with advancements in technology, they’re actually spending at least half a million dollars less each year than they did five years ago.