The Strickler Center to Purchase Permanent Home

A Mount Pleasant nonprofit works to help those in need and now they are buying their own building.

The Strickler Center of Mount Pleasant is a place that has clothing, food, shelter and more for those in need.

They’ve been renting space from Victory Church but now have the funds to buy it.

“We’ve been renting for just over a year now and we’ve been working to raise the funds to actually purchase the facility,” said Amanda Schafer, the executive director for the Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation

The Strickler Center is made up of agencies that make it a one stop shop for the less fortunate to get the things they need from clothing to food and everyday necessities.

“We started with a quiet campaign asking some folks in our community who have considerable resources to consider a major gift,” said Schafer.

On Giving Tuesday they raised $23,000, helping them get to more than $1 million.

They now have enough to buy the Victory Church property as a permanent home.

“Our goal is when it’s actually purchased and they do have their grand opening we want it to be grand,” said Alison Bannest, the office manager at Single Source Lighting.

After seeing the need, she suggested that they come in and replace the lighting at no cost to the center.

“We just wanted it to feel more like home I guess than kind of a band aided fix,” said Bannest.

Single Source donated 90 percent of the money to make this happen and Halko Lighting donated the other ten percent.

Matt Vogel Electric installed the new led lights for free.

“You see their faces and you see the need and you see what they’re doing here and you just can’t help but be a part of it and want to just do everything you can,” said Bannest.

They plan to buy the building officially in mid- 2019.