More than 30 Gallons of Diesel Spilled after Crash in Grand Traverse County

More than 30 gallons of diesel fuel spilled today after a car crash in Grand Traverse County.

A GMC car hit a Cherryland Electric vehicle on Zimmerman road in Garfield township.

A three inch gash in Cherryland’s diesel tank leaked gas all over the street. Thirty to 40 gallons spilled and traveled downhill from the crash.

Two people in the GMC car were taken to Munson Healthcare in Traverse City with minor injuries. Cherryland’s driver was OK.

Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department was there to mop up the spill, and also called A1 Professional services of Kalkaska to help mitigate the diesel spill.

“The pads that are in there will absorb the diesel fuel oil spills from the water so we’re trying to absorb as much as we can before it continues down the hillside here,” said Grand Traverse Metro fire assistant chief Steve Apostal. “We have two different areas damned up, hoping to contain as much as we can.”

Zimmerman road has been cleaned up and is open.

The fire department made a report with the DEQ to follow up on the cleanup.