Hook & Hunting: Ice Fishing Safety

If you’ve been checking out the thickness of the ice on the lakes, most places are still not ready.

Owners of Wholesale Bait in Alanson travel all over Northern Michigan to sell bait.

They say the few days after Christmas is when the season really begins for them.

They have been seeing people heading out on the ice all week. 

But Wednesday the Cheboygan County sheriff said ice is still forming and is still not safe.

He says there should be minimum of five inches for general use and eight for ORVs and snowmobiles.

Owners at the bait shop have a few safety reminders.

“Let people know where you’re going in case something happens. Those are your biggest two things that you want to watch out for, don’t take a risk of going out on thin ice and not telling people where you are,” explained Richard Weidenhamer, a bait catcher with Michigan Wholesale Bait.

Remember, no ice is safe ice.


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