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Former Leelanau County Prosecutor Convicted in Murder-for-Hire Case Loses Appeal

The former Leelanau County prosecutor convicted of trying to hire someone to kill another attorney will stay in prison.

He lost an appeal to throw out his conviction.

Clarence Gomery is serving six to 20 years in prison for trying to hire someone to kill attorney Christopher Cooke in 2014. 

It was all over a land deal that had gone bad.

Gomery admitted to planning the murder-for-hire scheme.

He says he made that guilty plea involuntarily and wants it overturned.

Gomery used the same claim to try and get what’s called ‘relief from judgment’ in the case last year.

The state’s court of appeals denied his appeal request, saying he didn’t show that the trial court did anything wrong in denying the motion for relief from judgement.

Gomey’s sentence will stick but he could still ask the state Supreme Court to look at his case.

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