Recycling Christmas Leftovers in Isabella County

The Isabella County Recycling Facility sharing what post-holiday items can and can't be recycled

Christmas has come and gone another year and many of us may still find wrapping paper, bubble wrap and boxes laying around the house. The alternative to throwing these items away is recycling them or saving them to use again for next year.

The Isabella County Recycling Facility uses dual stream processing to cut out time and produce more consistent final bales.

Nicole Frost, the Deputy Administrator Controller says, “a big driver for recycling is diverting waste from landfills and we only have so much space on this planet and we need landfill space for the things that aren’t recyclable.”

This recycling facility sees nearly 6,200 tons annually which means they see a lot of residual materials – like those stubborn plastic shopping bags.

“The biggest thing that residents can do to help the recycling process here is to make sure that the product that they bring here is actually recyclable and able to be processed here at this facility,” says Frost.

As for what can and can’t be recycled – it varies on which facility you take your items to. The Isabella County Recycling plant does accept boxes and plastic wrap but does not accept wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or used gift cards.

However, that’s not to say other Northern Michigan recycling facilities do not accept these items.

If you have any questions or are looking for more information on the Isabella County Recycling Facility click here.

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