Goats Are Looking for a Holiday Treat But Need Your Help

“They are eaters. That is what they do,” said Jenny Ferels, the brand ambassador for Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo.

Goats are used to hay and grains for breakfast lunch and dinner.

However, the goats at Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo look forward to a special treat around this time of year, your Christmas trees.

“The trees are a fantastic treat for our goats,” said Ferels. “In the winter months they get a little bored and this helps to break up the boredom and give them a fun treat that’s also really good it’s high in vitamin C and it’s also a natural de-wormer.”

For those looking to help, you can drop off your trees to the farm.

“We really appreciate anyone that is willing to donate their tree to a good goat cause,” said Ferels.

The donations are not just benefiting the goats.

“Our deer actually go more after the bark on the trees than the needles,” said Ferels.

The donkeys also like to get in on the holiday treat too.

“It gives them something to do throughout the day instead of just sitting in their barns,” said Scott Lewis, owner of Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo.

The trees even help with hygiene.

“It definitely gives them better breath,” said Lewis. “They’ll use it to kind of manicure themselves they’ll get in there and rub their heads on it.”

At the end of the day, the Lewis’ say their animals are like family, so they want to spoil them like family.

“We do everything we can to take care of them,” said Lewis.