Cheboygan County Sheriff Shares Ice Safety Tips

While traveling throughout the week may be a concern, you should also be careful if you head out onto the ice.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Office says ice is still forming there and that you should avoid slushy areas. 

They say there should be at least five inches of ice before you step foot out on the frozen lakes, and another three inches of ice for snowmobiles and ORVs.

You can see how deep the ice is by using a spud, auger or drill.

The sheriff’s office says you should never go out on the ice alone.

The Cheboygan County sheriff also recommends the following ice safety tips:

  • Always leave a travel plan so someone knows where you will be and what time you will be returning.
  • Dress appropriately for changing weather conditions and dress in layers.
  • Consider wearing a personal flotation device (PDF) and ice creepers attached to boots.
  • Bring safety items such as cell phone, whistle, rope, ice pick or awls, screwdriver (to dig into the ice to pull yourself out of the water), a throw-able PDF and flashlight.
  • If you hear the ice crack or detect unsafe ice you should spread out, immediately lie down to distribute your weight and crawl back to safer ice.
  • If someone falls through the ice do not run to the hole. First call 911 to get help.  Use a pole, branch, rope or other object that can be extended to the victim from a safe position, to pull the victim out of the water.
  • If you fall through the ice, do not panic. Call out for help and kick your feet while getting your hands and arms up onto safer ice.  This is when you use the ice awl or screwdriver to dig into the ice and pull yourself up out of the water.  Once out, roll away from the hole and seek medical treatment immediately.
  • Pets that venture onto unsafe ice are another cause for near drownings and death. Resist the urge to go out after them.  Stay at a safe position and call to them from shore.