NCMC Improves Sustainability, Installs Small Wastewater Treatment Unit in Dorm

Turning waste back into water, it’s what one Northern Michigan college is now doing in their residence hall on campus.

North Central Michigan College in Petoskey recently installed a small scale waste-water treatment unit.

Working in partnership with the SludgeHammer Group and the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Foundation, the school is trying to reduce the college’s impact on the city’s wastewater treatment facility, by pre-cleaning their sewage.

They also hope to eventually use the discharged water for non-potable use on campus.

The unit is already a huge asset for students and professors.

“Water and freshwater being so very important to us, really provides an opportunity of exposure to the latest technology and also academic programs that are in high demand, reviewing these systems and making sure that they are functioning properly,” NCMC President Dr. David Finley, said.

The college says they are continuing to look at different ways to increase sustainability on campus.