Iconic Ludington Ferry Dock Being Replaced

The dock for Michigan’s iconic S.S. Badger car ferry is currently being torn down.

The Lake Michigan car ferry docks in Ludington and Manitowoc, Wisconsin have been there since the 1930s.

Both are in the process of being replaced.

While the new dock in Manitowoc goes up, this dock in Ludington is still coming down.

These old wooden pilings will be replaced with steel and the aging fender wall be replaced with a new wooden one.

“It’s pretty amazing to think about the history that this dock has seen since the 1930s and also cool to think about how the new dock is going to provide a berth for the Badger to service generations to come down the line,” said Vice President of Shore Operations, Pat McCarthy.

The construction on the new dock here in Ludington is expected to begin early next month.

The entire project should be complete by the beginning of the S.S. Badger’s season in May.