Ludington Businessman Gifts Employees $4 Million Christmas Bonus

A Ludington businessman just gave his employees a Christmas bonus they won’t ever forget.

FloraCraft owner Lee Schoenherr announced on Friday that each of his employees would take home a share of a $4 million Christmas bonus.

From employees who have spent a few years on the line, to those who have spent upwards of four decades at FloraCraft, every single one is preparing to celebrate Christmas with the bonus of a lifetime

“I knew something was up, you kind of sensed that, but it was a real shock. The fact that he did that for everybody, from the guys that have only been here a few years, right on up, that was just incredible,” said longtime employee Bert Daines.

The amount each employee takes home will be based on how many years they’ve spent at FloraCraft. Employees like Bert Daines who’ve been there for more than 40 years will get around $60,000.

“Everyone was just ecstatic, I heard nothing but positive results, people were just counting the money already in their mind, all the money they could do with it, for me that’s just slide it into the 401k for retirement,” said Daines.

25 percent of the bonus will be paid out as cash, the rest as a 401k contribution

“I was overjoyed, it’s truly touching that Mr. Schoenherr and his family are so generous to think about not only are immediate financial needs, but our future, and it’s definitely going to help the future for me,” said employee Annie O’Connor.

Proof that sometimes the best Christmas gift is simple, heartfelt generosity.