Emmet County Road Commission Wins Grant to Help Improve Atkins Road in Bear Creek Twp.

“Between the grant money and the match. It’s about a quarter of a million dollars.”

It’s been an almost three year wait, but the Emmet County Road Commission is getting money to make some much needed improvements.

The road commission recently won an MDOT grant to help with upgrades on Atkins Road in Bear Creek Township.

The goal is to widen the section of road and add a left turn lane on Atkins Road in between McDougal and Division Roads

It is money they’ve wanted for several years, after projects at the local college and school district increased traffic.

Since those projects traffic has nearly tripled on that half-mile stretch.

“Before the McDougal Road extension we had about 1700 cars a day on Atkins Road and we are up to about 4500 cars now. The traffic patterns definitely have increased drastically, so we have to some capacity improvements on that section of the road,” Engineer-Manager Brian Gutowski, said.

The grant is for the 2020 fiscal year.

The road commission says they are now planning it out.