6-Year-Old Blind, Autistic Boy See’s Santa for the First Time

A picture with Santa is a Christmas tradition we all know.

But for one North Texas family, they have already captured the magic of Christmas.

With only a very few words spoken, it was a moment in time that a six-year-old and his mother won’t soon forget.

“It was amazing to watch,” says mother Misty Wolf.

Matthew Foster is blind and Autistic.

During their visit to take a picture with Santa Claus, Santa got down on the floor and let Matthew “see” Santa in his own way.

“Having him feel all over his coat, the fuzz and the felt, the hat and he even said pull my beard is there anything else you want to feel? And Matthew said, ‘your eyes that twinkle so he let him feel his eyes.’”

It didn’t end there.

Afterward, he asked Santa if he ever felt a reindeer.

Misty says her eyes were opened that day.

“It was like seeing Matthew see Santa. It was definitely a moment when I was all teared up to see him interact with something that’s, you know Santa is the magic of Christmas.”