Grand Traverse Resort & Spa: Gifts, Spa Packages and Winter Golf

From the best in shopping to glorious spa treatments and a chance to warm up with golf in the winter, the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa is a place where people congregate.

Here are a few ways you can save and have fun at the resort this holiday season.

Gallery of Shops

Love it or hate it, the holiday season means shopping.

Many people spend months trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, but at the Grand Traverse Resort Gallery of Shops, you can certainly find something for nearly everyone on your list.

From outdoor gear, to jewelry, candy and resort wear, it’s a great place to pick out something unique.

And the best part is everything is 15 percent off on Saturday, so you can get your holiday fix, snag a deal and stay warm and cozy.

“You know, I think the fun part of coming to shop at the resort is you have so many options and you are indoors,” says Jillian Manning, public relations manager. “So that is the nice part. I mean today it is a beautiful sunny day, but not every day in the winter is like that. Here you can get everything you want from the little kiddos, give them candy even while they are shopping and having some fun picking out things for mom and dad.  And then going out and finding something for all those people on your list.”

The stores are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. most weekend days.

Grand Traverse Spa Winter Packages 

And the Grand Traverse resort & Spa has another great gift for people—relaxation.

The spa is making it easy for you to pass that gift on to yourself or others with some special winter packages.

There’s one for couples, a seasonal renewal that literally covers you from head to toe, and a trio that gives you the best of what they offer here.

Jillian Manning says it’s a perfect way to de-stress come the new year.

“I think it is a great time to come in and have a little something special to treat yourself with,” she says. “Around the holidays you can get caught up in all the hub-bub and everything and to have that time to relax and renew.  It is really important.”

If you want to learn more about the spa and its services, you can head to

Winter Golf

And if R&R at the spa is not your thing, there’s still plenty to keep you busy here at the resort.

Even in the wintertime, golfers can scratch that itch or warm up their game before heading to warmer climes.

Today we got a look at what you can do by talking to the Director of Golf Instruction, Mark Hill.

Watch the video above for more information, or head to

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