9&10 News Investigation: Former Baptist School Teacher’s Daughter Abused by Older Student

“You need to report injustice and wrongdoing so it doesn’t keep perpetuating.”

A mother is speaking out about the abuse of her child following our investigation into a Gaylord Baptist church.

Over the past week we spoke with multiple women who claim they were abused while students at Grace Baptist Christian School in Gaylord.

The teachers accused of abuse left the school in the mid 2000’s.

The church says they called police after being made aware of the allegations later on.

On Tuesday, 9&10 News reported on Aaron Willand a former bible and math teacher, who was later sentenced to prison in the mid-2000s for raping a former student.

On Wednesday, we spoke with another woman who says she was sexually abused by a different teacher who taught at the same school.

On Friday, we spoke with a mom named Sarah, who just recently left the church.

Sarah’s five-year-old daughter was molested by a 14 year-old high school student last year.

The incident did not happen on school grounds but Sarah says the way the school ultimately handled it led her and her family to leave the church.

“What ended up occurring is it felt like I was being blamed, ‘this happened on your watch at your house, this is between that family and your family and I said, but they both go to the school,” Sarah, said.

Sarah was a teaching assistant at Grace Baptist Christian.

She says her daughter told her what happened in February.

“She said I’m sorry I’m sorry I was a bad girl, I did naughty, she said I don’t feel good, and I said sweetie you’re a good girl, daddy and mommy are proud of you, you did the right thing,” Sarah, explained.

Sarah and her husband went to police immediately.

When police filed the report, the teenager was taken out of school.

“Eventually the young man was removed from the school after the first week,” Sarah, explained.

Though through the rest of the year Sarah says the teen would make infrequent stops back to the school.

She says she was treated poorly for expressing her concern.

“Because I told friends who had daughters the same age as mine. If something happened to one of their kids because I didn’t say something, I would feel like the biggest jerk, lunatic, hypocrite,” Sarah, added.

She hopes by sharing her story now she can help to end abuse.

“This is not unique to Grace Baptist, this is not unique to the Baptist denomination, I’m sharing my story only because this type of behavior needs to end,” Sarah, said.

The teenager was sentenced in September to at least one-year probation, his computer activity will be monitored and he cannot be around anyone under the age of 13 unsupervised.