Student Gets Lifesaving Award For Saving 10-Year-Old Choking

The senior from Evart High School, Nichole Roys, who saved a 10- year- old’s life from choking last week was recognized Thursday for her heroic actions.

Roy was on the bus with fourth grader, Austin and noticed he was choking.

Without hesitation she shot up and performed the Heimlich maneuver, saving the boy’s life. 

Both their families, Evart High School students and staff and local officials were there to honor Roys for her bravery. 

The Evart Police Chief gave Roys a lifesaving award. 

She gives some advice on how people should react in these kind of situations.

“Do it not hesitate to think on what they’re supposed to do, just actually just get up and help the person out,” said Roys.

Austin also spoke in front of everyone today and said, “thank you for saving my life.”